It’s Lonely At The Top

The EU would have experienced some growth if it wasn’t for the situation with Greece.  Even if Angela Merkel did wipe away some of Germany’s political capital by taking a firm stance with Greece, she had to do it.  Greece and the other countries that need the bailouts because they can’t keep their financial houses in order are threatening the long term stability of the EU.  It can take a country years to get through the effects of long term corruption.  As a country deals with it, there is usually quite a bit of pain.

As Greece deals with more austerity and hard times on its road to recovery, they must remember that drastic measures had to be taken because the bailout needs to end at some point.  Yes, Greece has a limited economy and these new austerity will be a stumbling block to growth but maybe it will force Greece to reevaluate the 580 professions that are deemed hazardous and strenuous that qualify for early retirement and a huge public sector.

Each new bailout seems to be larger than the previous one and if the bailouts keep continuing, it will threaten the stability of the EU.

Angela Merkel did what she had to in order to protect the EU’s interests and also Germany’s interests.  Germany is the country that is driving the EU train and they’re the country that stands to lose the most in this crisis.  What the other EU countries realize but don’t want to admit is if Germany starts to experience economic difficulties; the rest of the EU could be in a bit of trouble.

The EU needs to have a common financial and economic policy so that it can survive and function the way that it is supposed to.  Until it does, they will continue to have issues.

Angela Merkel did what she thought was best for the collective.  “Germany’s Mom” as Angela Merkel as she is referred to acted like a mom and told Greece that enough was enough.

The hard line position can be an unpopular one sometimes.  It had to be taken because the amount of Greece’s debt is very large and it could get larger if the country continues to need bailouts.

In the next few weeks as the negotiations start in earnest, positions will be taken.  These positions will be taken in an attempt to help Greece secure the bailout funds that the banks desperately need so they can put the money back into the economy.  This is being done to keep Greece’s economy from collapsing.

As the leaders of the countries and organizations work through the negotiations, they will be mindful not only of Greece’s wants and needs but also what is best for the countries that they represent.

Great leaders know how to achieve a good balance between helping countries in need and achieving worldwide common goals while keeping their country’s best interests in mind.

True leaders are forced to spend periods of time alone without many allies that support their current position.  It’s during that time they develop and grow into the leaders that they are meant to be.  Angela Merkel will learn things from these negotiations with Greece and she will become not only a better leader for Germany but also a better leader within the EU. #Germany #Greece #EU


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